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Design Character Course

Your design character increases your potency, confidence and impact in your work.

The accredited, 8-week Design Character course teaches the elements of design character, how to develop them within yourself and your teams, and how to situate yourself within the design world.


  • 12 hours of real time online tuition by Dr Melis Senova.
  • Access to This Human Community, and a copy of This Human.
  • Ongoing access to curated list of resources and action experiments
  • Accredited by RMIT - elective in the Masters of Design Futures

About this human

There are many great books about the design process, tools and methods. One missing aspect, almost in an ironic twist, is what it takes to be the person who is actually doing the designing. 

This Human is about you.

If you are curious, open-minded and are seeking to become masterful in your craft of leading and designing meaningful change, this book will empower you to maximise the impact of your work.

This Human is about self leadership.

It's about how to make sense of your observations in a way that isn’t biased by your own world views. About how to deal with complex, intangible situations in ways that are easy to make sense of and communicate. This Human is about how to learn more about yourself and how to be successful in your leadership or design practice—to grasp all that is going on inside you to positively influence your work.

This Human sets out a comprehensive framework of mindsets, tools, competencies and practices that Melis has developed, implemented and proven as significant enablers of change within great leaders and designers.

This Human is based on real experience.

With insights from her own leadership in corporations and her design firm, plus proven tools from her executive coaching practice, This Human offers a solid foundation for your practice that you can return to time and time again.


Dr Senova knows what she’s talking about. Here’s a book you can treasure, savour and revisit at every stage of your creative life.

Marty Neumeier Best-selling author of Director of CEO Branding @ Liquid Agency

“Oh, it’s my number one for reminding me about being a human.”

Jason Davey Design Principal at Design Farm Collective & Founder at en-MaaS

“Reminds me to re-read before I start my next project! A great book.”

Pippa Hurst Senior Marketing and Communication Advisor at Lindy Johnson and Creative/Founder and Creative Director at DesignFreo

“Honestly, it’s the kind of book that you can open a random page, read it and you’ll get something from it.”

Adibowo Rusli Designer

“Definitely something you keep coming back to refocus. Everytime you learn something new not only an approach but yourself as well.”

Binu Perera Experience Architect & Co-founder Biotic Studio


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